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Child Development

Child Development Activities

These activities are suggested by the HANDS program for your developing baby. If you have any questions about these activities, please call 270-237-4423 and ask for Annette.

Trust & Security
The first step, the foundation for supporting the development of your baby's brain, body and spirit, is letting him know that you are a parent who can be trusted and depended upon. Your baby needs to learn from experience that he can always depend on you to meet his needs, sooner rather than later.

Contrary to common belief, infants under six months old cannot be "spoiled". Picking up your baby quickly when she cries, holding her, playing with her, and giving her lots of attention will not spoil her. Consistently giving your infant what she needs and wants, when she needs and wants it, will teach her to trust you and others. It will help her feel secure and safe.

It is important that you learn what your baby is feeling and how he is trying to comunicate with you. The more you understand and respond to his verbal and nonverbal communication (his actions and behaviors), the more he will trust you.  Sometimes he will make sounds such as crying, babbling, or cooing to let you know how he's feeling. Sometimes he will communicate without sounds, turning away, looking at you, or yawning. As your child grows, the way he communicates, the signals he gives you will change. Asking yourself now "What is he trying to tell me?" or "What is he feeling?" will be good practice for building a foundation of good communication and trust with your child. It will also create and strengthen pathways within his brain that will provide the foundation and structure for how he learns, relates, communicates and works throughout his life. Researchers have found that the brains of children who have not been nurtured and loved enough are about 25% smaller than the brains of children who have experienced consistent love, security, and nurturing. Providing a foundation of emotional security for your baby is the best gift you will ever be able to give him.

Follow the links below to nurturing and developing activities for you and your child. (Activities require Adobe Reader)

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