What is HANDS?

Kentucky’s Health Access Nurturing Development Services, HANDS, supports families as they build healthy, safe environments for the optimal growth and development of children. Becoming a parent is a life-changing experience! From the very moment you find out you are pregnant, your life begins to revolve around your new baby. There is no way to know just how exhilarating, challenging and rewarding parenthood will be.

HANDS is a free, voluntary home visiting program for pregnant moms-to-be and parents that supports all areas of your baby’s development. HANDS will support you throughout your pregnancy and the first two years of your baby’s life. From pregnancy to the “terrific”-twos, HANDS is here to answer all of your questions during the different stages of your baby’s growth. Enrollment must be during pregnancy or when your baby is less than three months old. Call Allen County Health Department at 270-237-4423 and ask for Extension 114 if you need further information or to make a referral.

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  • Positive pregnancy outcomes
  • Optimal child growth and development
  • Children living in healthy, safe homes
  • Families making decisions that enhance long-term independence over meeting short term or immediate needs


HANDS Believes

  • All parents want to be good parents
  • All parents want their children to be healthy
  • All families have strengths
  • Families are responsible for their children
  • Families are the primary decision makers regarding their children
  • Communities recognize their roles in children's lives
  • Communities recognize that all children must succeed
  • Prevention and early intervention improve the community's well being
  • Public and private partnerships are vital to a successful program


Leanna Stratton, BA

Public Health HANDS Specialist
270-237-4423 Ext. 128

Dianne Hill, RN

Public Health Nurse & HANDS Coordinator
270-237-4423 Ext. 114


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